“Do You Want To Learn A Close-Up Magic Routine That Will Devastate Audiences Of Lay People And Magicians Alike?”

If you’re sick and tired of buying magic products that don’t live up to their hype, aren’t really new or different, and end up sitting at the bottom of your drawer, then keep on reading...

Dear Magician Friend,

Before I tell you exactly what this routine is, let me give you two basic facts:

  1. The average magician already knows more than enough magic to last a lifetime. 
  2. Many of the latest magic products are put out just to make a quick buck without any regard to the quality of the product being sold.

But if you’re looking for a reputation-making routine that is different, and has been time-tested in front of live audiences, then this is the routine for you.

For over ten years I have been performing and perfecting one of my signature close-up routines, a routine that has fooled some of the top minds in the business, and has been the talk among magicians at none other than the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

For years I have received emails and phone calls from magicians all over the country begging me to put this out, but my intention was to NEVER release it.

Lately, my focus has been on performing my stand-up and stage shows, and even though this routine is still an integral part of my close-up show, I no longer have the intense desire to keep it all to myself.


What is the effect? Picture this...

The magician presents a small, red box, removes the lid and dumps out three one-inch, chromed, steel ball bearings. The box is put to the side of the table.

One at a time each ball bearing is not vanished, but turned invisible. The three invisible balls are touched together and in a burst of light, everyone goes back in time, back to the time when all three balls were visible and inside the box. The lid is removed from the box that has been in plain view the entire time, and the three steel balls are dumped out once again!

Keep in mind...

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicThe Steel Ball Routine can be performed surrounded.

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicEverything can be examined, and the spectators will find nothing, since neither the steel balls nor the box are gimmicked.

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicWhen the invisible balls touch, there is an actual flash of light which is a highly memorable moment.

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicOver ten years of experimentation, study, and performance have gone into the development of this routine.

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicThe Steel Ball Routine DVD will not be sold in stores...EVER! This will only be sold exclusively right here on my website.

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicThis is a professional, world-class routine, by a full-time professional magician.

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicEvery little detail in the routine has been addressed, worked out, and perfected for maximum impact on the audience.

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicWell known top professionals have not only been fooled by the Steel Ball Routine, but have endorsed it as well.

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicThe Steel Ball Routine DVD was professionally shot in the studio in front of a live audience with two broadcast quality cameras.  You can see and hear the reactions from the spectators.

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicEvery move is explained in great detail with close-up shots of all the crucial moments.  No expense was spared in the production of this DVD.

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicAll of the psychology behind the moves is explained, so you don’t just learn HOW, but WHY I do the things that I do.

Maybe you’re skeptical about how good this routine really is?
Read what other top pros are saying about my product...

Johnny talks about Lou Serano's Close-up Magic.“Although it is unusual for me to endorse a product, Lou's Steel Ball Routine is outstanding and has had me guessing for years. His detailed routine is as smooth as silk, highly visual, and amazingly deceptive, with a stunning ending that leaves the audience surprised, amazed, and completely baffled. Take the time to learn this well and you will be rewarded with gasps, applause, and wonderment.”

Johnny Ace Palmer
World Champion Magician

John talks about Lou Serano's Close-up Magic.“Lou Serrano is not a "big name," but he has one of the most magical,  high impact close-up shows in the world, and one of his signature pieces is The Steel Ball Routine. Serrano has taken a great trick (John  Cornelius' Jawbreakers) and made it even better. The original required the use of a servante, but Serrano has made it self-contained, more deceptive, and more practical. His use of steel ball bearings increases the impact, and he even improved the climax by eliminating a gimmicked box. No matter how much you think you know about magic, this routine will fool you. Those balls simply turn invisible. There is no other explanation.”

John Lovick
Magician / Author

“Lou Serrano performs magic that is magic, and his Steel Ball Routine is a clever piece of poetry.”

David Regal
Magician / Author

Joe talks about Lou Serano's Close-up Magic.“This is what real magic looks like. I've seen Lou perform his Steel Ball Routine many times at the Magic Castle, and it never fails to get a terrific reaction.  It fools magicians and astonishes laypeople by combining a captivating premise with multiple moments of pure magic.”

“This is a polished, professional routine that will add a touch of class to any performance. If you're searching for a memorable, engaging closer... you've found it!”

Joe Skilton
Professional Magician

Zach talks about Lou Serano's Close-up Magic."This DVD has something for everybody.  Do you want to learn amazing and commercial magic you can add to your act right away?  It's here.  Do you want to make the extra effort and learn a professional caliber routine that you could perform on national television?  It's here.”

“I'm a huge Michael Ammar fan and one of the reasons is because he's an excellent teacher. I also miss Tommy Wonder and his elaborate but devastatingly strong magic. Guess what? You'll think of both of the aforementioned gentlemen when you learn the secrets behind the Steel Ball Routine. “

“I've seen magicians at The Magic Castle watch Lou's show over and over on the off chance they'll figure out the secret.  I can't recommend this video enough."

Zach Waldman
Comedian / Magician

John talks about Lou Serano's Close-up Magic.“To say that I am excited about the release of Lou Serrano¹s Steel Ball Routine would be an understatement.  I have wanted to perform this effect from the first moment I saw Lou perform it.”

“Lou has spent nearly a decade performing and perfecting this routine and it shows. Every movement is deliberate. Every moment is calculated. Every vanish is unbelievable. This is the work of a topnotch professional that knows how to make magic look and feel real. I can¹t wait to add this effect to my professional repertoire.”

John George
International Champion of Magic

Brian talks about Lou Serano's Close-up Magic.“Lou’s Steel Ball Routine fools even the most seasoned magicians as well as confounding and delighting the lay audience. This is a complete, audience-tested, refined, tight routine. Lou is one of the busiest (and BEST) workers in the business.”

“He’s already worked out all the details, nuances and timing associated with this routine. This is Great Magic. Everything has already been refined. It’s like learning Vernon’s “Cups and Balls.” All the hard work has been done. All you have to do is add your personality and make it your own.”

Brian Gillis
“World¹s Best Close-Up Magician” World Magic Awards

david talks about Lou Serano's Close-up Magic.“Lou's Steel Ball Routine has been one of my favorites for years.  If you like "magical" magic, this is one piece you will love.  It plays with your imagination in a really cool way. Lou is one of the magicians who’s show I will see over and over again..  This routine is the reason.”

David Minkin
International Magic Champion

image001"The very first routine I saw after becoming a member of the Magic Castle was Lou's Steel Ball Routine. Nearly 10 years later, that stands as one of the most visual and truly masterful up-close magic routines I've seen. Some of the ball vanishes are more than vanishes. Even trained eyes of magicians see the ball simply disappear!  You are left with no explanation.”

“As an entertainer who has created and kept original material to himself, I'm thrilled to see Lou share this with the community. There are too many new effects on the market that don't have the polish and depth of this Steel Ball Routine.”

“This is going to hit hard with magicians of all levels. Thanks Lou!”

Rich Ferguson, AKA "The Ice Breaker"
Entertainer/Trick of the Year Winner

Joe talks about Lou Serano's Close-up Magic.“Lou's Steel Ball Routine is a must-have for any professional magician looking for something radically different than the typical card and coin routines that flood the magic market.”
“Not only is it a killer, well thought out mindblower but it will school you on sleights and deceptions that you should have in your arsenal. This routine is not for weaklings, but once mastered will help you with your misdirection and efforts in all your routines.  It's that good!”
“This is a great closer that can follow anything.  It's visually pleasing and, if you put the time into it, will be your favorite routine because it will be remembered long after you pulled a signed card out of your larynx, armpit or any other odd location.”

“The Steel Ball Routine by itself is worth the price of the DVD, but Lou also has time tested bonus routines on this DVD.  He must have been diagnosed with a life threatening disease to be giving away so much. Great routines. Great price.”

“Thank you Lou Serrano for holding nothing back.  Also, I hope you live long enough to work at an event where someone is doing your Steel Ball Routine and getting incredible reactions and you experience what we magicians have been feeling since you created this masterpiece. Congrats.”

Joe Monti
America¹s Favorite Magician
Magic Producer and Senior Consultant on A&E¹s hit TV show Mindfreak starring Criss Angel

A word of caution

I don’t want you to think that this is a self-working trick. It is not! This is a professional, world-class routine, that will take time and dedication to master, but once learned will be an absolute stunner your audience will not easily forget. All the moves are easily within the grasp of any magician with intermediate skills.

Even though the steel balls and box are not gimmicked in any way, there are other gimmicks that aren’t seen by the audience, but that are an integral part of the routine. I explain in detail how to quickly and easily construct the necessary gimmicks, and where to buy the props that you will need. The execution of this routine requires you to wear a suit jacket or sports coat.

Since the actual steel ball bearings I use are hard to find, I have
included a full set for your convenience.

Even if you never perform the routine as is, you will learn techniques, sleight-of-hand, misdirection, and artifice that you have probably never thought about using, but can  be a practical yet powerful addition to your repertoire.


Okay Lou... How much?

This is one of my bread and butter routines, so I want to keep it exclusive and out of the hands of the merely curious. Therefore, I’m not selling this in stores or anywhere else on the web.

I asked many of my magician friends who have seen my act at the Magic Castle, what they would pay for this routine. Most of them said they would gladly pay $200 or more to learn all the work on this routine. Others have asked me to give them lessons on the routine, which would take a minimum of three to four lessons to teach in person. They would still have to practice in between lessons to get it right.  My private lesson fee is $200 per hour which would equate to $600 to $800 for lessons on all the inside work.

By using this DVD as a study aide, you basically have me teaching you indefinitely for one initial investment.

My initial thought was to sell the DVD for $199, but I really want to make this routine accessible to all serious students of magic, not just people with deep pockets. Therefore, I decided to price the DVD at an affordable $97 (plus S&H). At this price it’s a bargain.


But I decided to give you even more of a bargain! Along with the complete performance and explanation of The Steel Ball Routine you also get all of these incredible FREE bonuses valued at $1,254.00.

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicLifetime Performance License That Includes Television Rights: You will receive a license to perform the routine exactly as is anywhere in the world including television. (I may change my mind in the future, and sell television rights on a one-time performance basis, but for now you will get a license that includes television performance rights. Even if I do change my mind in the future, if you invest in this DVD now, you will have a lifetime license to perform it anywhere.) Value: $1000.00

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicA Full Set of Steel Ball Bearings: Since the correct type of steel ball bearings are difficult to find, you will receive a complimentary set of the exact steel ball bearings I use in my routine. Value: $30.00

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicOne Special Gimmick: This gimmick is easy enough to find and customize yourself, but I’ve included it here to save you time and money. Value $10.00

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicFour Bonus Routines. That’s right! I wanted to give you the best value I possibly could. When you invest in my Steel Ball Routine DVD, you’ll also learn four other professional routines in complete detail. I was thinking about releasing these effects on four separate DVDs priced at $35 each, but I decided to include them all here as a free bonus! 

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicEverywhere and Nowhere: My handling is a huge improvement of this classic plot in magic. Now it’s easy to get into while strolling or in between tricks, and it has a simple clean up that leaves everything examinable at the end.
Value: $35.00

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicCard to Picture Frame: Vanish a card from the deck held by a spectator! A moment later, the card appears in a picture frame that was in plain view the entire time! Value: $35.00

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicMagic Castle Matrix: Four coins, placed under four cards, magically gather together.  It is said that the difference between a craftsman and an artist is in the details. Here, I reveal all the details, tips, and finesse that transform this classic from Al Schneider into a theatrical piece of close-up wizardry.  As performed at the Magic Castle to rave reviews. Value $35.00

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicFireball Finesse: Perfect for close-up or stand-up, this extremely visual routine immediately gets people’s attention! Fireball was inspired by John Bannon and later transformed into a highly visual stand-up piece by Diamond Jim Tyler. Here, I reveal handling tips that clean up the one weakness of the original routine. I perform this in all of my close-up and stand-up shows and it always receives great reactions. Value: 35.00

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicBonus live footage shot at the Magic Castle. We’re all tired of seeing instructional DVDs shot before overly enthusiastic, handpicked audiences.  I want you to see how these routines play in front of an audience of strangers with no prompting. You will see unedited footage of the Magic Castle Matrix, The Steel Ball Routine, and The Animated Dollar Bill (performance only) shot live at The Magic Castle, so you can see real-world reactions. Value: $25.00.

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicBonus Report on Maximizing Your Income Performing Close-Up Magic: It amazes me when close-up magicians tell me they can’t find any work, or that nobody is calling to hire them. Even in this slow economy there is plenty of work to be had if you know where to look and how to get it. This detailed report spills the beans on all the different venues available to the close-up performer. I explain the pros and cons of working in each venue and describe the types of fees to expect in each. Most importantly, I describe the one real secret you must possess to have a thriving magic business. Without it you will flounder indefinitely. With it, success is inevitable. I’m not sure how long I’m going to offer this free report. I may stop offering it at any time. I can only guarantee that you will receive all of this valuable information if you order today! Value: $49.00

That’s $1,254.00 in Free Bonuses!

All backed up by my...

One Year, 100%, Risk-Free,
Better Than Your Money Back Guarantee:

guarantee for lou's close-up magic

Because I’m so confident you’re going to love this product, I’m willing to extend an ironclad, one-year, 100% risk-free, better than your money back guarantee. Buy my product, try it out, if you are not happy with what I deliver, I don’t want your money. Just return the entire package within one year, and I’ll refund the purchase price of the product. Not only that, but you can keep the free report on how to maximize your income performing close-up magic as a gift from me for your time and energy. 

Would a magic shop (online or brick & mortar) give you your money back? Of course not!

A magic shop will tell you that you’re paying for the secret, and once you know the secret, there would be nothing to stop you from returning the product and asking for your money back.

But I’m not a magic shop. I’m just a regular guy who makes his full-time living performing magic in front of discerning audiences. (You can search “Lou Serrano magician” on the Internet and see exactly who I am.) I’m so confident that you’ll see the value in my DVD that I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

A friend of mine tells me I’m nuts to do this. He says that most people will just burn a copy of the DVD, and send it right back to me. I don’t believe that.

I believe that most people are decent and honest human beings, and life is too short to worry about people taking advantage of me. I don’t want their business anyway. If you are an honest person, but for whatever reason are not happy with my product, I’m more than happy to give you a refund.

So let’s sum this up. You get...

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicFull, detailed performance and explanations of The Steel Ball Routine – an exclusive, limited production routine that will leave your audience breathless.

benefits of Lou's Close-up Magic
Lifetime Performance License That Includes Television Performance Rights. Value: $1000.00

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicA Full Set of Steel Ball Bearings: Value: $30.00

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicOnce Special Gimmick Valued at $10.00

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicFour Bonus Routines including Everywhere and Nowhere, Card to Picture Frame, Magic Castle Matrix, and Fireball Finesse. Value: $140.00

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicBonus Magic Castle footage including The Magic Castle Matrix, The Steel Ball Routine, and The Animated Dollar Bill. Value: $25.00

benefits of Lou's Close-up MagicBonus report on Maximizing Your Income Performing Close-Up Magic. Value: $49.00


The Steel Ball Routine DVD plus nine free bonuses valued at $1254.00 all for one small investment of $97 (plus S&H).  I can only guarantee that you will receive all these bonuses if you order today.  I may pull the plug on the free report at any time. Order right now by clicking on the link below.

One More Thing

If you have any doubts whatsoever about buying this product, here’s what I recommend. Don’t decide now if it’s for you. Just get it. Try it out. Give it a whirl. Remember, you have all the time you need to think about it because I offer a one-year, 100% money back guarantee.


picture of lou and closup-up magic                         

signature of close-up magic
Lou Serrano
“America’s Leading Corporate Magician & Sales Entertainer”

P.S. JUST ADDED! For an extra $20 receive the Companion DVD to the Steel Ball Routine, which features over 30 minutes of additional information to make the routine much more deceptive and in some cases easier to execute. I¹ve also included alternate handlings for the vanishes and a more in-depth discussion of certain moves where I go into WHY I do certain things.

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